WindStreams: The Australian Wind Music Portal

WindStreams is live!

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that WindStreams: The Australian Wind Music Portal, is now online for your viewing pleasure. For all the latest and greatest in Australian wind music, visit now.

Arcadia Winds aims to change the way people watch, listen to and purchase Australian wind music. Inspired by the idea of Australian wind music being easily accessible for all, Arcadia Winds is developing a groundbreaking new resource to make that happen.

It is our belief not only that Australian wind music is inherently valuable, but that there is also a real hunger for it among audiences and performers. This belief is supported by the fact that we are constantly asked by people in Australia and overseas where to go to listen to or purchase this music.

We’d like to finally be able to give a clear and simple answer to this question, to give much deserved exposure to the music we love and to enable people to enrich their lives with it. It’s our dream to allow performers, composers, students, audiences, presenters, and broadcasters world-wide to access Australian wind music with the simple click of a button.

We will be documenting, recording and collecting new and existing works, then distributing them through our new Australian Wind Music Portal. This portal will offer easy access to audio/visual recordings of works as well as composers and performers talking at length about their music, and the ability to instantly download scores and parts.

If you would like to support this project in any way, please contact us directly.