Make Wind with Arcadia Winds and Lachlan Skipworth

Welcome to “Make Wind”!

Supported by the Australian Music Centre’s Peggy Glanville-Hicks Commissioning Initiative, this project is all about making wind music at home.

We’ll teach you how to make your own wind instruments, from bottle flutes, to straw oboes, to hosepipe horns and clarimonicas. Then, if you feel like recording yourself playing these home-made instruments, your videos and sounds will be combined with other videos and sounds from across Australia and the world into a brand new piece by wonderful Australian composer Lachlan Skipworth.

First, let’s watch an introduction to the project by Skipworth himself!


Step 1 – Click here!

This is where you can watch instructional videos of Arcadia Winds and Lachlan Skipworth explaining how to make and play your very own wind instruments at home!

Step 2 – Click here!

Now’s the time to record yourself playing your home-made instruments. Here is where you can download a click track, demo videos and scores to play along with!

Step 3 – Click here!

Finally, it’s time to upload your videos and sounds so we can make them into a brand new piece!