Make Wind: Step 2

Now it’s time to record yourself playing your home-made instruments! There are two options for how to do this, depending on your skill level.


Option 1: Beginners and non-music readers

For those who are musical beginners, or those who just want to record something quickly, all we need are two simple sounds. You can record these one your phone or any other recording device you might have. Here are the sounds we’d like you to record:

1. Play long notes on your wonderful instrument for about 30 seconds (it’s perfectly OK to breathe when you need to!)

2. Play the most raucous note on your instrument, once (extreme facial contortions encouraged!)

For a more detailed explanation of how to do this, you can download instructions HERE.

When you’ve done that, head on over to Step 3 to send your videos to us.


Option 2: Music readers and musical adventurers

For those who can read music and want to have a bit more fun, you can download a click track and play along with some sheet music.

What you’ll need to do is download this click track, as well as the sheet music that corresponds to your particular instrument:

Bottle flute sheet music

Straw oboe sheet music

Homemade horn sheet music

Clarimonica sheet music

Full score sheet music

Then, record yourself playing along with it (you can put headphones on one ear while you’re recording so the sound of the click track isn’t heard). To help you practice your parts, you can play along with members of Arcadia Winds (see below). Once you’ve recorded yourself playing along, head on over to Step 3 to send us your video!

Playalong practice videos: