CutCommon: “Completely Smashing It With Arcadia Winds”

April 15th, 2018 by Arcadia Winds

Our flautist, Kiran Phatak, recently sat down with the amazing Stephanie Eslake from CutCommon, in a wide-ranging interview on life with Arcadia Winds, and the future of Australian chamber music:

“…there is something I think that all musicians (myself included) can do better, and that’s supporting our colleagues. It’s very easy to get caught up in your personal practice to the point where you neglect participating in your own industry. I find it very strange that often the hardest people to get to come to concerts are other musicians! For the Australian chamber music scene to become as truly vibrant as we’d all love it to be, I think we need to realise that we can achieve so much more collectively than on our own, and make a real point of getting out there to support, and cheer for, our fellow performers.”

Read the full article at CutCommon


-image copyright Darren James